Wrist perfection


Wrist perfection


Watch, a very necessary accessory of the last generation, has gone through a  makeover.
Be it for casual wear, or party wear, these timepieces are there in every possible colour and design to accompany you in completing your look.

The function of watches is to relay the time. They were used only for this purpose before when generations of people used to wear them every day. In recent times, the scenario has changed drastically, with people now adorning these pieces to make certain fashion statements.

The Bangladeshi population has taken on this concept in an enthusiastic manner. With the presence of Timezone, the store that houses 23 different brands to cater to various tastes, people have access to brands offering different patterns and styles of watches.

Watches being the very in thing now, come in various designs, shapes and colours. Naturally, the brand comes first, because of the quality it guarantees along with the brand image itself. Varieties of brands are available, bringing in products of various ranges.

Timezone, having 38 outlets scattered around the country, display branded watches of various price ranges. There are the Swiss brands like Rado and Tissot cornering into being slightly expensive and brands like Credence presenting quality watches at reasonable prices, where watches from Tk6000 are available.

One can choose from a variety of watches out there. There are always the knock-offs available, but it is not wise to put money into purchasing replicas. Naturally they do not come with guarantees or service centers, and it is important to

look into quality while buying watches.

Designs are what are attracting customers. Big round dials are the very ‘in-thing,’ with mostly females preferring them. Leather belts and metal chain straps are doing the rounds, in varying colours and textures.

There was a time when cell phones so heavily came into the market that retailers thought the sales of watches would go down. But that scenario definitely did not come into reality.

As Golam Mohammad, Manager Operation of the watch division of Timezone said, “This store first started in 1996 selling the Titan brand. Afterwards all the brands were brought in. When the concept of cellphones started, and started to be vastly used, we thought the sales of watches would go down. But it had not. And in recent times people are buying watches more as a style statement and not out of necessity.”

Timepieces make great style statements; if coordinated wisely, it changes the entire look of a person. Square dials have always been in fashion and these days there are pieces available with stones adorning the sidelines of the dial. Stone embedded chain straps are also available, in various colours like gold, silver, rose-gold.

Colours are very important these days, with watches not only sticking to the basic black, brown, gold and silver. Rose-gold has been a big rage from last season, and is still continuing. There are the Calvin Klein watches in rose-gold, along with many other brands offering them. The traditional silver and gold watches are also in trend, most having stone embellishments in them. Round shaped medium or large dials are on top of the list, while small dials are also adorned to carry on the everlasting sophistication.

Watch straps are also quite important. Leather and metal straps have always been there and are still very much in fashion. Metal straps with stones, leather straps in varying colours like beige, red, maroon, hot-pink, etc. look very chic. Though the brown and the black belts are eternal, colours have really taken a big stand in the field. Blue and grey belts looks great too, especially the straps in the design and texture of jeans.

Timezone displays watches of all these kinds; one would have a hard time picking a nice watch from all the gorgeous pieces they offer. They call themselves the ambassador of branded watches in Bangladesh, and their display shelves surely prove them right. They have the biggest watch store in South-East Asia, their 7500 square feet branch in Jamuna Future Park, where they have all the brands they offer on display. With branches in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Sylhet, it would not be any hassle for anyone to buy good quality watches.

Watches make style statements like no other! This season, there is no reason to think twice before getting your hands on one; they faithfully serve you with time in style.