Wise Folder Hider Pro Free Download Giveaway [for PC]


Wise Folder Hider Pro Free Download Giveaway [for PC]


Wise Folder Hider Pro Free Download Giveaway [for PC]

Hide private files, photos, videos and other personal data fusing Wise Folder Hider Pro. Folder hiding is a simple way of keeping prying eyes away from your private documents.

Wise Folder Hider Pro can help you hide files and folders on local partitions or removable devices. The files will be hidden safely due to it adopts advanced encryption
algorithm. You can set a password for it so that the hidden data can be displayed and unhidden only by entering the valid password. The data is completely invisible to other
programs or on other operating systems, so it is much more reliable.

Main features

  • Advanced Encryption Algorithm Protects Your Private Data from Priers
  • Second Password Makes Your Hidden Files & Folders Double Secure
  • More Secure and Convenient to Modify protected files
  • Context Menu Option & Super User-friendly Interface
  • Low System Resource Consumption & High Compatibility

Note: If you forget your password for Wise Folder Hider Pro, this giveaway does not support the ability to recover it for free.


At a Glance
Wise Folder Hider Pro clearly borrows from the native feature of Windows that you can use to hide folders and files. However, its intuitive UI and the option to add passwords to your documents are the interesting features that make it better. You will be through with the installation process in no time before you get to the tool’s simple interface.


Small Learning Curve
There is absolutely nothing challenging about using Wise Folder Hider Pro. The main window has its option clearly spread out. You can opt to drag and drop your folders or files on the white space or add them using the Hide File or Hide Folder options. At the same time, you can easily take advantage of the Hide USB Drive option to secure your documents on the device as well.

Two Level Password Protection
As already noted above, Wise Folder Hider Pro gives you the option to enter a password to protect your folders. The first level of password is on the program itself. On running the tool, it will prompt you to specify a password that you will using to log in. Additionally, after adding a folder or file, you can opt to lock it by assigning it a password as well.

Snappy Operations
Hiding and unhiding your documents takes place in seconds. Such snappy operations will save you from the dreadful experience of having to wait for several hours when you are hiding large files.


No Password Recovery
Windows has the native option for hiding folders and files. However, Wise Folder Hider Pro’s approach in availing an option to add a password for hiding and showing files presents more security. Despite that helpful feature, you will not be able to recover or reset your password to your hidden folders in the case of losing it while using this version.

Allows Weak Passwords
This security tool gives users the responsibility of inputting strong passwords. In other words, it accepts single character passwords at both password levels. The program’s lack of way to check the password strength could tempt users to use weak passwords that are easy to crack hence nullifying the tool’s purpose.

If you have ever or still using the Windows option to hide folders in your computer, then Wise Folder Hider Pro add the spicy aspect that you have been missing. It adds levels of security to further prevent unauthorized access. Its ease of use is another plus, but the downside is the lack of a password recovery option. It will be worth downloading it.



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