Tribal villages


There are 11 khashia villages (called punji) and
several Monipuri villages (called para) scattered among the tea plantations
in the srimangal area. Khashia villages are usually on hilltops surrounded by
betal-nut trees, which is their cash crop.

When visiting a khashia village you should first
call in on the local chief, as the community will not extend full hospitality
without his permission. The khashia punji MAGURCHERRA is on the edge of the
ruined Magurcherra gas field, 8 Km. from Srimangal on the road to Kamalganj.
The gas field caught fire in 1997 and was ablaze for three months, laying
waste to betel-nut plantations and tea estates in the vicinity.
There is a Monipuri village called Ramnagar close
to the Bangladesh tea research institute; if you call in on the institute you
will be able to get direction.