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Top 5 Controversial Bollywood Queens

1. Veena Malik

Ever-since her arrival in India, Veena, has constantly ensured that her controversy-cog never stops. Be it by going nude for FHM or getting cozy with Ashmit Patel she has always given her sincere efforts to keep her controversial status breathing.

2. Sherlyn Chopra

Among all these controversial sex goddesses, Sherlyn is the one who tops the list. Her new upcoming flick Kamasutra 3D has outmaneuvered her competitors with out much hassle.

3. Rozlyn Khan

After her butt baring pics and her breast cancer awareness campaign, now Rozlyn is always a part of controversial dramas.

4. Poonam Pandey

After loads of hoopla around it, Poonam’s debut flick Nasha bombed miserably on BO, but probably it won’t have any impact on Poonam’s popularity, because this strip queen knows many other ways of keeping herself in demand.

5. Rakhi

So what if Rakhi is out of limelight these days, this unstoppable motor-mouth is another sexy siren who has always succeeded in storming the grapevine by either her controversial stances or pricking verbal darts.

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