The National Memorial


National Memorial at Savar
is a symbol
of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the war of Liberation.
It is built with Concrete, but made of blood. It
stands 150 feet tall, but every martyr it stands for stands so much taller.
It is an achievement the dimensions of which can be measured but it stands
for an achievement which is immeasurable. It stands upright for the millions
of martyrs who laid their lives so that we may stand upright, in honour and
dignity, amongst the nations of the world. Most prominently visible is the
150 feet tower that stands on a base measuring 130 feet wide.
There is actually a series of 7 towers that rise
by stages to a height of 150 feet. The foundation was laid on the first
anniversary of the Victory day. There is actually a plan to build a huge
complex in several phases. The entire complex will cover an area of 126
acres. The plan of this complex includes a mosque, a library and a museum.
The relics of the liberation war will be kept museum. They will eber remind
our countrymen and all who would come to visit the museum of the valiant
struggle and supreme sacrifices of a freedom loving people .
Here also will be clear warning to all oppressors
that the weapons of freedom need not be very big. The will of people prevails,
for man is born to be free. The most moving sight of the complex is the
graves we bow down our heads in respect, as the towards soar symbolizing the
loftiness of their sprit.