Taghycardia Pro 2016 Giveaway


Taghycardia Pro 2016 Giveaway

Auto tagging utility for the lazy: fix the tags in downloaded music with a few clicks. Automated repair of tag problems causing albums inaccessibility on iPhone/Android/Windows Phone or other tag-sorting portable mediaplayers.

Taghycardia is a highly automated music tagger that:

* Fixes tag faults (empty album/artist fields, differences in album/artist spelling, missing/wrong track numbers, missing track titles)
* Automatically downloads cover art, optionally embeds in tags
* Automatically finds lyrics for the tracks and embeds in tags
* Can quickly remove covers from tags to save space
* Ensures compilations are uploaded to players in an accessible form
* Has an integrated folder-level tag editor with a semi-automated tracklist finder
* Creates Unicode playlists
* Supports MP3/WMA/MP4/OGG formats

Taghycardia Pro 2016 Giveaway

There are organized people out there. Such organization boils down to the way they arrange and tag music files on their devices. In most cases, you have to manually tag the files. The process of assigning album, artist, and contributing artists’ names can be challenging. As such, why not try out Taghycardia Pro? I tried it and here is what I found out.

The installation file is about 2 MB hence making downloading and installing pretty easy and quick. As part of the system requirements for installing Taghycardia Pro, it can run on Windows XP and hire for both 32 and 64-bit platforms. With a few clicks and steps in selecting and setting your preferred tags, you will be good to go.


Quick Tagging
The software works pretty well as it was developed. From the main window, I only needed to specify the folder to be scanned. After selecting the folder at the top-left side of the window, the next step is to click on the Go button. Regardless of the number of files in the selected folder, the process only took a few minutes.

Easy to Use
Using Taghycardia Pro mainly involves three main steps; choosing a target folder, scanning and applying the changes. Before the scanning could complete, I only needed to select a few options like Unify Artist or Unify Album, or both. The option to specify the album name was also pretty handy.

Easily Generate a Playlist
Playlists rule the music world and Taghycardia Pro has a helpful way of ensuring you come up with one with few clicks. After clicking the Playlist Generator at the bottom of the main window, the next prompt window presented easy and useful options. The options included choosing a target folder, specifying the number of tracks from the available albums, and an option to skip shorter than 2 minute audios.


No Option to Scan Audio Files Only
Although Taghycardia Pro takes a considerably short time to scan selected folders, it also checks other files. In turn, it gives the “no supported audio files” notification. Since some of my folders contained other file types, the scan result window was full of the mentioned notification, which was really irritating.

Limited Support for Audio Files
Before Taghycardia Pro could tag the files, it has to scan selected folders. However, the software does not support all audio file types. For instance, it was not able to detect the flac audio format. Given the high number of albums currently having flac files, this software would not add significant value.

Taghycardia Pro delivers on its expected work in tagging audio files. However, you will still have to manually specify details before the tagging takes place. A feature addition to enable the program to effectively scan for audio files’ details from the internet would be great.


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