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What is a Normal Sex Life?

The statistics I am using are from the October 2008 SEX UNCOVERED survey conducted by The Observer newspaper. This survey is not the truth of sexual activity in Britain but it is a useful way in to talk about common questions that I get asked. SEXUAL EXPERIENCE – how many sexual partners have you had? […]

Back Pain After Childbirth

Many new mothers experience back pain related to pregnancy for weeks, months and, in some cases, even years after giving birth. There are many causes of postnatal back pain; getting acquainted with them can help you relieve and prevent chronic pain. One main cause of back pain both during and after pregnancy is the hormone […]

HIV Scenario in Orissa

It's time to wear Red Ribbon When her husband died last month, Jayanti (name changed) came to know that he was suffering from AIDS. Tests revealed that 30-year-old Jayanti and her three-month-old son, along with two other minor children were also HIV positive. The news spread across the village. Her family was ostracised by the […]

Women's Role in Society

The 18th and early 19th century consistent of an agricultural society wherein the family worked as a unit, each contributing to the growth and prosperity of the unit. Education and healthcare was provided within the home. Every member of the household was engaged in a skill that would enhance their economic viability. These values ​​were […]

Slavic Folklore: Lesnik – Leshy

Lesnik (Leshy) is a Slavic forest spirit similar to Greek satyrs. He is loud, friendly towards shepherds, and depicted as either a humanoid with horns and hoofs or as an old man. Slavic peoples of the pre-Christian era were deeply connected with the nature. The belief that the nature is inhabited by spirits and demons […]

Why Do You Want To Act?

Have you ever stopped to consider why you want to act? I can’t truly say that there are right and wrong reasons to pursue a career in acting, but the question is worth pondering. Particularly if you’re serious about making a go of it in one of the most difficult professions to secure employment. Some […]

Sweeney Todd Musical

Sweeney Todd also dubbed as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street is musical that has bagged the Tony Award due to its unique story. It is an adaptation of the book of the same name that has been authored by Hugh Wheeler. The department of the music and lyrics has been dealt with by Stephen […] © 2017