Summer pants


Summer pants

As the summer heat waves sweep over Bangladesh, comfortable clothing becomes a necessity. While picking your pants, make sure that the fabric is comfortable. Avoid synthetic fabrics and opt for natural ones such as cotton or linen, which will absorb the sweat from the skin and let it evaporate into the air, thus preventing the growth of bacteria and yeast. Also, go for lighter colours which will reflect most of the sun’s rays, thus keeping you cooler. So, this season, whether you are going out to run errands or hanging out with your friends, here are a few types of pants that you can choose from.


Keeping the sweltering heat in mind, Chondon Dewan designed a collection of stylish summer cotton pants in a variety of designs – floral prints, solid colours with printed patches or even block prints. From chic harem pants and cute capris to stylish flare pants, if you are a fashion enthusiast, they have you covered. Matched with stylish summer tops, these are perfect for everyday wear. Also, be sure to go check out Taaga’s collection of summer pants. With unique patterns and designs in embroidery and tie n’ dye, their collection has something to suit everyone’s choice.


Harem pants
Stylish and chic, harem pants can appear in two cuts – high or low. They excel in being fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Usually made of cotton, these have the gypsy vibe that will take you back to the times when travellers used to roam around with their caravans. Both the cuts can be found in tribal prints, geometric prints or even tie n’ dye, and can be worn with short tops. If you prefer solid colours, you can find them in shades of orange, magenta, baby-blue and turquoise. In this heat, however, it is better to avoid black, since it will make you feel hotter.

Some harem pants are loose and styled in layers so that they gather at the ankle. Wear these with a short top or a kurti, and finish off your look with a pair of sandals. You can opt for the preppy look with bright colours or go for the boho look with these pants in floral prints in earthly colours.

Slim pants
The classic all-time favourite is back this summer in floral patterns and animal prints.  Even though they are not as loose as flare or harem pants, they are still rather cosy if you pick the right fabric. For slim pants, it is better to buy them in cotton, because of the versatility of cotton as a fabric.

You can wear slim pants with almost anything- tops, shirts, kurtis and so on. Add a bit of metal accessories to your outfit to finish off with a bold look. Slim pants are perfect for hangouts and casual wear, and are super comfy to travel in.

Trendy and bold, capris are the summer saviour for plenty of fashionistas. These are soft, affordable and make brilliant casual wear when matched with a short or a medium-length top. Available in mainly neutral colours like beige with minimal designs, capris are perfect for the tall beautiful ladies out there. Wear it with bright coloured tops and finish off your look with heels. Avoid bulky accessories when wearing a capri, as it can make you look stumpy.

Flare pants
The beauty of flare pants is that they come in a huge variety of shades and prints, and can add quite a bit of personality to your outfit in any occasion. These pants use extra material to create an inverted taper appearance from the knee down, which is the ‘flare.’ A lot of times, laces are used to decorate the flare and those are perfect for fancier occasions such as invites.

You can wear monochromatic coloured flare pants and match it with a T-shirt or a buttoned-down shirt for a casual preppy look. Or you can go bold and pick out a vibrant printed pair of flare pants and wear it with a short top. Accessorise it with a bead necklace or bracelets and you are good to go.

By Adiba Mahbub Proma
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Joly, Shrabosti
Wardrobe: Chondon
Make-up: Farzana Shakil