Sohana Saba Bangladeshi actress profile, Measurements & wallpapers


Sohana Saba Bangladeshi actress profile, Measurements & wallpapers

Sohana Saba is a well-known actress and model in Bangladesh. She is a popular face in Bangla Natok ( Bengali Drama). Actress Saba was born on 18 October in 1986 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is a director and producer also. Actress Saba’s first released Bengali film is ‘Khelaghor’ directed by Morshedul Islam in 2006. But she got popularity by her film ‘Chandragrohon‘ directed by her husband Murad Parvez in 2008. In this movie Saba acted with Bangladeshi popular actor Riaz. After she worked in ‘Priyotomeshu‘ in 2009. After some years she didn’t appears in film. But 2014 is a another best year for Sohana Saba. Her another great film ‘Brihonnola‘ released in this year. This film also directed by Murad Parvez. Saba acted with Ferdous Ahmed, a popular actor in Bangladesh. Now Saba is acting her another new film.


Sohana Saba Bangladeshi actress HD wallpapers


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