Simple Shop ULTIMATE 2016 (100% Discount) Giveaway


Simple Shop ULTIMATE 2016 (100% Discount) Giveaway


If you are a business owner and need to manage your store, keep track of inventory, employees and income, you may benefit from an application like Simple Shop.

It is a complex POS software solution, designed to help you run your business by generating bills, managing customer and employee databases and monitoring sales.

Organize products, customers and employees
The application allows you to add any number of products and customize them in various ways. You can specify their price, VAT, stock, type, whether or not they are is use and many more.

It is possible to create numerous password-protected employee accounts and organize them into groups, then assign them tasks or issue travel orders.

You can also add customers and specify if they are exempt from VAT, whether or not they supply merchandise and their current status. The entries are color coded depending on these factors, making them easy to distinguish.

Generate graphs and export information
It is much easier to analyze data when it is represented in graphical form. Simple Shop enables you to view pie and bar graphs, displaying various types of information.

For example, you can view which employees issued the largest amount of invoices, how well specific products are selling or your most popular customers.

Data can also be exported to CSV, XML or HTML files and you can save graphs to EMF, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIF and BMP image files.

Features numerous built-in tools
Simple Shop comes equipped with various useful accessories, designed to help you perform various tasks.

It offers a VAT calculator, credit card validator, label printer, diagram designer, barcode generator, encryptor, password generator and many more. These allow you to complete various types of activities, without needing to resort to installing multiple other applications.

Overall, Simple Shop is a comprehensive tool, designed to help business owners keep track of their finances, manage stocks, employees and customers, as well as generate invoices and export data to various formats.

Simple Shop ULTIMATE 2016 (100% Discount) Giveaway

To successfully run a business, you have to get it right from the organization point of view. For instance, you need clean and updated records of workers, suppliers, and contractors right from your desk. As one of the RED ZION’s registered four versions of POS systems that can help business owners have access organized data, Simple Shop ULTIMATE is a package you would want to try. After taking it through the paces, this is what I found out.

At a Glance
The installation wizard of Simple Shop ULTIMATE is simple, no pun intended. It was easy to follow through and even novice users will find face minimal challenges to setup the application. On launch, you will have to choose your preferred language. The program supports fourteen languages. Apart from that, the software has a respectable list of common currencies to choose from.
Options on the main window are clearly laid out and easy to understand. Apart from the options that run across at the top of the window, there are three detachable windows with shortcuts to key features. They include Invoicing, Enter benefit, Enter expenditure, Current balance and Create conclusion on one window. The second and third windows contain Employees, Products, and Customer, and Testing printer, Screen cleaning, and Place of invoice respectively.


Inbuilt Keyboard
Simple Shop ULTIMATE has an inbuilt Keyboard that you can launch from the top of the main window. The sole purpose of this Keyboard was to allow for touch screen input of data. This input method is particular beneficial to businesses that use touch screens at the counters to serve customers.

Handy Export Format
More often than not, you will need to export details from data you have in a POS. thankfully, Simple Shop ULTIMATE had a good number of file formats that I used during exportation. The formats were CSV, XML or HTML. Apart from visually impressive for checking out summaries, I noted that I could save the generated graphs to picture formats like PNG, GIF, JPG, EMF, TIF and BMP.

Generate Different Types of Bills
In addition to the whole bunch of options and tools like Password generator, QR code generator and Barcode generator, Simple Shop ULTIMATE also has an impressive list of options under Bill for your choosing. Cash receipt, Cash expense, Cash book, and Proforma invoice. Other options like Bill list, Credits list, and Printing history were also helpful.


Less Developed Remote Desktop Option
It was exciting to see the Remote Desktop option on Simple Shop ULTIMATE under Help. However, on selecting it, the program launched Team Viewer, which was a third party app on that case. This showed dependency on another app, hence less effective in the end.

Overall, when compared to other point of sale systems like Volante, Simple Shop presents a simpler option to help business owners keep track of their finances, manage stocks, employees and customers. The software also allows you to generate invoices and export them in different formats. Having said that, Simple Shop ULTIMATE would be a good try if you own a small business but want to run it effectively.


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