Shikari (2016) Shakib Khan Srabanti Exclusive Bangla Movie Wallpaper



Shikari is an action thriller movie with a bit of romance from Shakib and Srabanti. In this movie, Shakib is an assassin who wants to kill Sabyasachi Chakrabarty. After being failed in the first attempt, he enters Sabyasachi’s house as a gardener and plans to kill him by being close to him. Eventually, Srabanti falls in love with Shakib. The movie is based on a killing mission, hence, the name is Shikari (The Hunter).

Shakib Khan has changed himself a lot for this movie. He lost his weight and has now become fit and good looking than any other time in the past. Srabanti, on the other hand, has become a bit fatty in the recent few years. But, she is a great actress and that is needed most for a heroine.

Shikari is planned to be released in the Eid-ul-Fitr 2016. So, this Eid will be a clash between the two countries Bangladesh and India. Because another movie named Badsha – The Don starring Jeet and Nusrat Faria will also be released on this occasion. The interesting part between these two movies is that both are produced by same productions in both Bangladesh and India i.e. Jaaz Multimedia and Eskay Movies. So, there is no loss for these productions, whichever movie takes the upper hand.

Meanwhile, a song has been released on YouTube named Harabo Toke and it became the most quickly viewed song in the history of both the productions YouTube channel. So, the interest in the mind of the Bengalis is immense for this movie.

Here is some information about the movie Shikari:

Movie Name: Shikari
Release Date: July 6, 2016 (Bangladesh) and August 2, 2016 (India)
Runtime: 160 minutes (2 Hours 40 Minutes)
Budget: 4.5 Lacs Bangladeshi Taka
Cast: Shakib Khan (Bangladesh), Srabanti Chatterjee (India), Amit Hasan, Rebeca Schhoheil, Shiba Shanu, Subrata Barua, Manjurul Alam, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Rudro Protap, Rahul Dev, Lilly Chakraborty, Supriyo Dutta, Kharaj Mukherjee
Production: Jaaz Multimedia (Bangladesh) & Eskay Movies (India)
Producer: Abdul Aziz (Bangladesh & Himanshu Dhanuka (India)
Director: Jakir Hossain Simanto (Bangladesh) & Joydeb Mukherjee (India)
Story, Dialogue & Screenplay: Abdullah Zahir Babu (Bangladesh) & Pele Chatterjee (India)
Cinematography: Saiful Shaheen (Bangladesh)
Choreographer: Jayesh Pradhan (India)
Background Music Composer: Indradip Dasgupta (India)
Editor: Touhid Hossain Chowdhury (Bangladesh) & Somnath Dey (India)
Shooting Spots: Bangladesh, India, England
Shooting Started: 14th March, 2016
Shooting Ended: 26th April, 2016






Shikari (2016) Shakib Khan Srabanti Exclusive Bangla Movie Wallpaper


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