Sex etiquette you should follow in bed


Sex etiquette you should follow in bed


A recent interview, Khloe Kardashian opened up about her sex life and mentioned, “I actually think it’s rude if you’re not vocal, LOL. If my guy isn’t vocal, I’m not excited.” This is perhaps an emotion, that most of us feel.There’s no fun in lovemaking, if we don’t express ourselves during the act. However, this is one thing that most people do not pay attention to. But not anymore. Just so that you can up your game, here are a few things every partner wants to hear during the act.


Well, well… not that we don’t know about it. This is the most common expression of enjoying the act. However, not many of us use it to keep the act alive. In fact, people have several reservations as to what their partner might think. They also fear that they may be too loud or others may hear you. Don’t think, just let loose and enjoy every bit of the act. Moaning is something that comes naturally . It’s completely alright to be loud, as long as you are enjoying it.

Get adventurous

Now that’s something every partner secretly wishes to hear. Who doesn’t like being experimental? Go ahead and make your lovemaking more adventurous. Just try initiating and express your interest in trying something new every time. Believe it or not, this will be the most passionate session you’ve ever had.Not that you have to try a new move every time you indulge in love making, but just saying that you wish to experiment will make the act even spicier. Who doesn’t like partners who fancy different desires.

Talk dirty

You don’t have to make it sound artificial or forced, dirty talk should be a part of your game. It need not be anything that you don’t feel about. You could talk about anything -from praising the body or confess about your fantasies. Khloe goes on to say that, “It’s not the content of the dirty talk that matters -it’s just the act of speaking that’s important.”

Call out his/her name

It’s not something new, most partners expect to hear their names during lovemaking. The age old rule of expressing pleasure derived from the act is by constantly calling out your partner’s name in the most passionate ways. This not just excites your better and boosts hisher performance, but also make them feel that you are equally into it and enhances the experience ask the more.

I love it that was perfect

How is your partner supposed to way to a pleasuring climax, simply by know if you are enjoying yourself ? saying that are enjoying the act, will The best approach is to say it right, definitely up their excitement like simply go ahead and express how never before. It’s a valid point! How much you enjoyed it. There’s no other else would he/she know? Just say it.