Satgambuj Mosque


A stately fabricated 15th century momuments at
Bagerhat, Khulna is one of the world heritage sites of Bangladesh.
It was built by Turkish saint khan jahan Ali, the
earlist torch bearer of Islam in the south. Satgambuj Mosque is a big
beautiful building. The mosque is beautifully decorated. It is said it was
used as a mosque by Ph. Khan jahan. The mosque has great attraction for the
tourists and visitors.

There is a big dighi near the Satgambuj Mosque.
This dighi is called the Ghora Dighi, It is said that a horse was made to run
before digging the Dighi. The horse ran straight and stood covering a certain
distance. This distance was accepted as the length of the Dighi. That is why
the Dihi is called Ghora Dighi.