Reg Organizer 2016 (100% Discount) Free Giveaway


Reg Organizer 2016 (100% Discount) Free Giveaway


Reg Organizer is a set of efficient tools to tweak, optimize, and clean Windows, designed to effortlessly free up system resources and rev performance to the max. The set includes a visual autostart manager, an advanced uninstaller featuring search for leftovers of uninstalled programs in the system, functions to purge unnecessary data, a powerful registry editor to quickly search and replace keys and data, and much more – all to keep your system healthy.

With Reg Organizer, you can efficiently free up system resources and maximize performance of your computer. And you don’t have to be a tech savvy to do this as the interface is refreshingly simple.

The easy-to-use uninstaller tool allows you to quickly remove unnecessary applications as well as all traces and leftovers they may have left in the system. This includes folders, files, and registry keys that typically stay in the system forever after the standard uninstalling.

Thanks to the autostart manager tool, you can make Windows start a lot faster by turning off unnecessary apps and suspending the start of the less important ones. A visual diagram explicitly illustrates the actual speed increase of the boot process.

System clean up functions allow removing unnecessary and outdated information from the computer to free up some additional space. For instance, you can remove the older version of the operating system, outdated updates, temporary folders, and more. Sometimes, this results in reclaiming an additional 15-20 GB of disk space.

The advanced registry editor (featuring the automated search and replace function), the tweak manager, and the system snapshot tool gives experienced users a leverage to work with the system registry and configuration files on a much more efficient basis.


Registry Cleanup
After running the cleanup utility about 3500 issues were detected. After the scan finishes Reg Organizer (RO) a link to “show invalid entries (for advanced users)” allows individual entries to be examined and excluded from cleanup. I would never dream of allowing a utility like this to make decisions on its own and suffer the consequences. I would suggest everyone should check before fixing. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then I suggest you probably should not use this utility. Most problems were with non-existent references. For example, I found several references from firewall software to applications in a WAMP server directory that I had recreated in order to update the stack. The links reminded me that I had not copied over those applications when recreating the directories. I left those unchecked in the list. There were numerous references to old MS Office installations that even a MS Uninstall Utility had not removed.

After instructing RO to fix the problems and running Windows 10 Update again the problems appear to have disappeared. That was a good result for me.

Pleasant Surprise
On downloading this software, I had not realized the capabilities of its Install/uninstall utilities. The Application Uninstaller opens with a window listing installed programs that can be uninstalled. It will in fact both uninstall and install programs. Interestingly it allows installation with tracing. The uninstaller list indicates which programs have been traced. The provides an installation history to make uninstalls in the future to be more complete. It also allows for a comparison of the registry pre and post install. I have not used this with RO yet but have found this feature useful in other utilites. It does not appear to create reinstallation packages like Comodo Program Manager can. That would have been a nice feature.

This shares the cons common to all registry utilities that automatically “fix” the registry. I won’t go into more detail on that.
RO does allow changes to be undone. Unfortunately, that is not too clear before selecting fix or uninstall, so I was a little hesitant initially before taking the plunge. Fortunately, there is an “Undoing Changes Center” that keeps a history of changes and allows them to be reversed.
The registry editor is a little easier on the eyes than Regedit. Other than having a “Favorites” function to bookmark registry components, however, it does not seem to offer too much more that Regedit versus other standalone utilities.

Overall Impression
This is a solid piece of software that is worth evaluating for addition to your armamentarium of system utilities.



Reg Organizer 2016 Free Giveaway