Readygo Screen Recorder (100% Discount) Giveaway


Readygo Screen Recorder (100% Discount) Giveaway


Readygo Screen Recorder is a screen recording software that records anything from video, audio to image!

Main Features

  • Record video showed on your computer screen
  • Record audio from your computer speaker
  • Videos, audios as well as images
  • Make video manuals for computers or any software
  • Create screenshots
  • Record your video chats and conferences
  • Record anything


Readygo Screen Recorder (100% Discount) Giveaway



There is no doubt about the internet’s contribution in spreading ideas. At one point, you might have wanted to record steps and operations on your personal computer. I have always had the need too. Having discovered Readygo Screen Recorder a while back, everything regarding recording my screen has never been the same again. Here is my experience and view on the software.

At a Glance
Regardless of your level of expertise in video or audio recording, Readygo Screen Recorder has a simple and well-laid out interface to get you started. From different option to either record videos in full screen or a specific region to the handy video options on the main window, Readygo Screen Recorder manages to cleanly place most of the options on a single interface.

Readygo Screen Recorder has a number of preset video recording dimensions. Although the dimensions were as small as 320×240, I recorded most of my screen videos using the 1280×720 dimension to try keep the videos as of high quality as possible. Clicking and dragging the video record Region also allowed me to have customized sizes.
Apart from the presets, Readygo Screen Recorder has options to record the full screen or a game. While doing the recordings, I was able to toggle between displaying and hiding the cursor by selecting and deselecting the Display Cursor under Video. If quality of recorded screen videos was anything to go by, the video option had me covered. For the video codec, my preferred format was H264 although you can opt for MPEG-4. I was able to customize the frames per second, key frame and general quality of the video.
Other interesting options that Readygo Screen Recorder presents include the Timer and keyboard shortcuts under General. The timer was particularly helpful when I was recording videos without the need to do extra editing afterwards. I set enough time to prepare for the recordings to capture relevant content only. The timer also has an option to set the recording period.
Instead of using the Timer functionality, I opted for the keyboard shortcuts on other occasions. The shortcut keys were already set but were customizable. Using the shortcuts helped me avoid recording or capturing the Readygo Screen Recorder window when clicking on the Record button.
To quickly insert my logo to my recordings, the Insert Logo option under General was pretty handy. The option only required me to choose the logo from its location on my PC and then choose the location where it should appear.

 It is easy to use
 Clean interface
 Helpful video options for recording
 Handy and customizable keyboard shortcuts
 Records 720p screen videos

 Buggy Game record option
 No higher video recording ability than 720p

If you are looking for an application that provides an easy screen recording experience, then Readygo Screen Recorder should be handy. The application’s smooth learning curve will help you get started in no time.


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