Panda Global Protection 2016 (100% Discount) Giveaway


Panda Global Protection 2016 (100% Discount) Giveaway

Panda Global Protection

Protect your privacy and keep your devices under control with Panda Global Protection, the best antivirus software.

Main Features

  • Antivirus for Windows
  • Wi-Fi Protection
  • Parental Control
  • Data Shield
  • Backup
  • Password Manager
  • File Encryptor
  • File Shredder
  • Tuneup

The Panda Global Protection Suite is a comprehensive collection of internet protection tools designed to work simultaneously to protect your device from data leaks, malware, and other attacks from hackers. If you know the Panda Internet security suite and Gold Protection Suite, then the Global Protection Suite comfortably sits between the two. It comes equipped with a safe browser to safeguard against opening malicious URLs, a virtual keyboard to avoid the threat of keyloggers when entering sensitive information, a rescue kit, file shredder, encryptor, and a password management tool among others.

User Interface

The Panda security suite line of products haven’t changed much this years –on the user interface front. The intuitive tiled interface remains. The features can also be opened from the drop-down menu accessible by clicking on Start. The only major difference is the shift from a dark background with bright buttons to a white background with colored buttons.

Internet Security & Offline Protection

Panda has an innovative internet security suite; that’s constantly improved ever since 2007 when it was the first company to introduce an online scanner. In the Panda Global Protection Suite, you get a broad range tools that work both online and offline to block threats from USB-connected devices, within your network, on your mobile devices (both Android and iOS), and on the internet.

According to, Panda Global Protection Suite performs exceptionally well. One thing that is most notable is the antivirus which gets exceptionally good results, just slightly less than Kaspersky Total Security and Bitdefender Total Security.

In my testing, scanning a 500GB HDD, which 125GB occupied took about one and a half hours, while the antivirus suite was excellent at detecting and pushing suspicious apps to quarantine. What is exceptional about Panda is that unlike most antivirus, it has very minimal false positives. On the online protection front, Panda doesn’t detect most of the malicious sites that tend to download software directly to your computer without authorization. This area needs lots of improvement if it is to be ranked in the same caliber as Kaspersky and Bitdefender.

The PC tune-up utilities work well and it can free-up space without affecting the functionality of your applications or the OS. It also gives details of the cleaned up files and won’t edit the registry unless you authorize it.


• A fully functional tune up manager with features such as a boot manager that lists all the startup programs that aren’t necessary and just end up consuming system resources. It also lists the security ratings of these apps.
• A password manager to keep passwords secure and avoid the threat of keyloggers. This is also addressed via the secure virtual keyboard.
• Wifi protection suits warn of insecure hotspots and protects your device from being accessed through the network.
• Doesn’t edit the registry keys to change corrupted keys unless specified.


• Panda still lags behind in protection against phishing
• The child protection feature is under-developed and blocks URLs that aren’t bad for children.


The Panda Global Protection Suite is an excellent cross-platform security application that brings together features of an antivirus and internet protection suite. It works perfectly except when it comes to protection against phishing and the child protection feature. It is worth downloading.


Panda Global Protection 2016 Giveaway