Non-Cadre Ansar VDP Adjutant Written Result 2016


Non Cadre Exam Notice


Non-Cadre Ansar VDP Adjutant Written Result 2016 has been published.

Non-Cadre Ansar VDP Adjutant Written Result 2016 has published on 9th August 2016.

Written Exam Result 2016 of the Post “Ansar VDP Adjutant” & “Ministry of Shipping Inspector”:


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Bangladesh Public Service Commission is quasi judicial body established in 1972. The commission is responsible for the recruitment of civil service servants in Bangladesh government. The commission started as public service commission in 1926 during British India, it was later Known as East Pakistan Public service commission after the partition of India.

It is responsible for holding Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Examination and publishing its results. Bangladesh Civil Service, more popularly known by its acronym BCS, is the civil service of the Government of Bangladesh. It originated from the Central Superior Services of Pakistan which was derived from the colonial legacy of the former British Empire-controlled Indian Civil Service.

A commission called Public Service Commission was first established in India in 1926, when it was entrusted with functions almost similar to those of its British counterpart in London, particularly in matters of recruitment of public servants of the central government of British India. Similar provincial level commissions were subsequently established, including the Bengal Public Service Commission in 1937. Following the formation of responsible governments in the provinces in pursuance of provisions made in the Government of India Act, 1919.

And thereafter in the Government of India Act, 1935. Hence a body designated as Public Service Commission, Eastern Pakistan. (renamed later East Pakistan Public Service Commission) came into being in East Bengal (later named East Pakistan) in August 1947. Find out more on BPSC Website.