Money-Pal (100% Discount) Giveaway


Money-Pal (100% Discount) Giveaway

Money-Pal is a unique Desktop/Private Cloud-based hybrid Financial Software Application for individuals or small businesses which provides:

  • Financial Accounts Management (similar to Mint and Quicken).
  • Budgeting (similar to YNAB – You Need A Budget)
  • Invoicing (similar to Freshbooks)

Money-Pal can be installed on any Windows PC from Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and later. Once installed, Money-Pal can function as a desktop program and/or internet server. It can then be accessed via network, either locally or remotely through the Internet, from PC, smartphone or tablet.

Money-Pal’s unique desktop/private cloud operation has many advantages over traditional cloud based services:

  • No recurring subscription fees – It’s a once-off purchase. Money-Pal Pro will cost you the equivalent of two months’ online service. A small maintenance fee is optional for Money-Pal annual program updates and email support.
  • With Money-pal you have complete control of your data. If an online service is hacked, cease operations, or become unaffordable, you might lose your valuable data.
  • No data syncing takes place. Money-Pal uses a fast database and data changes are updated in real time. This means that many users can access Money-Pal at the same time without the problem of data getting out of sync.
  • Internet access is preferable but not essential.

Financial Accounts Management
Money-Pal allows you to import your bank statements and categorize your items automatically or manually. It enables you to track expenses by category.

Money-pal supports the classic method as well as the envelope method. You can decide which method you prefer. Money-Pal supports monthly budgeting for any number of months into the future.

Most small businesses use a static template in Excel, Word or other programs to generate invoices. This method can be time consuming and does not provide age analysis. Money-pal does both invoices and age analysis.

Money-Pal enables you to create stunning, personalized invoices in PDF format which can be printed or emailed. You can even do this on your mobile device at a client using your private cloud.

Money-Pal (100% Discount) Giveaway


Finances play a major role in the lives of many people. For some, managing income and expenditure as an individual, startup or big company is quite challenging and can quickly get out hand. From an individual point of view, this is how my experience was when using Money-Pal, an application that I have been using for some weeks now.

Money-Pal has a lengthy installation process. The application prompted me to install additional services that it depends on to run. In this case, the main dependency service is IIS Express that allows Money-Pal to launch its web application on a localhost. Upon successful installation and launch, the web application has a load of options that may take a while to explore and set up. The main options on the main window include Banking, Budget, Business, and Options.

Comprehensive Tours and Video Tutorials
On the main window, I was able access the Tours and videos option that has a list of the most important videos about the software that really helped me get started. The videos were helpful in helping me quickly learn how to set up my Money-Pal, import bank statements, and configuring Money-Pal on IIS. The videos are self-hosted so I only need to stream them online without downloading.

Useful Importation Options
When it comes to importing financial reports from different sources, Money-Pal had me covered. Although the software allows one to import historical data in form of Quicken and YNAB files, the CSV file importation option was the most helpful to me by importing my PayPal transaction reports. Importing my bank statements was also quick without any hitch.

Easy Backup and Restore Option
Although Money-Pal does not have an auto-schedule option for automatic backup, the manual backup method available only took me few clicks to complete. Restoring backuped data was also easy since I only needed to choose the folder with the initial backup from the Options main menu.

User Management
The initial installation process of Money-Pal automatically gave Admin privileges. From there i was able to create other users whom I assigned different roles as either regular users or admins. Such roles proved important especially in management tasks with appropriate restrictions whenever necessary.

Lengthy Installation Process
It worth noting that Money-Pal initializes a localhost server on a desktop for it to run its web application. However, to do so, the application’s installation process involved installing other dependency applications like IIS Express. My reliable internet connection enabled all the related apps to be successfully installed, which might not be the case for slow connections.

Be it an individual, small business or a company, Money-Pal can provide a robust solution to all your financial management tasks while ensuring privacy from its auto-logout feature after 5 mins of inactivity. The software can be a handy addition to your list of applications if you are planning to keep track of all your transactions and how you spend. In turn, you will not only clear your debts, but also have unprecedented control over your finances.


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