Moheshkhali Island


Moheshkhali Island is a island like saint martin.
you have to go there by Speed boat, launch, steamer.
An Island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It has an
area of 268 square kilometers. Through the Centre of the island and along the
eastern coast line rises a range of low hills, 300 feet high.  There are a Buddhist temple, Adinath temple
(cell: 0188199024, 0171572088, 0172886733) here. Moheshkhali is a great place
for tour. so, many tourist come here every year.
How can you go to Moheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar:
you can easily go to Moheshkhali from cox’s Bazar. Just take a Rickshaw from
cox’s Bazar go to Ghat no 6, it will take only 15/= . From 6no. Ghat you can
go there by Speed Boat, it will take only 75/=. you can also go there by Boat