Bangladesh is a land that has made a lot of
history. Every where there are places of historical interest visits to such
places bear a great educative value. So after the annual examination, we
visited Mahastangarg. On January 2, 2005 we started for our visits.

We went to bogra by bus and stayed there
overnight. The following day after breakfast we set out for Mahastangarg . It
was only a few killometres away from Bogra town. We went by rickshaw. When we
reached Mahastangarg a glorious chapter of old history opened up before our
eyes. Mahastangarg was the site of pundranagar. Pundranagar was the capital
of the Mouryas Guptas senas and other Hindu kings. The old city was about
2000 meters long and 1500 meters wide and was surrounded by a wall. Once it
was a very flourishing city. Mahastangarg stands on the western bank of the
river Korotoa.
There are some clevated places near Mahastangarg.
These places are known as ‘vitas’ ‘Kundas’ , ‘Ghous’ and ‘Dhaps’ One part of
the dried river is known as the ghat of Kankabati. There is a Museum at
Mahastangargsome images, dice, ornaments and pots excavated from Mahastangarg
have been kept in the museum. It was a great pleasure to be at Mahastangarg.
It was indeed a rewarding visit.