In love with long, flowing gowns


In love with long, flowing gowns


Perhaps, our love for ball gowns emerges from the nostalgia and the constant willingness to reconnect with childhood fantasies. There is possibly not a single living soul on earth that has not heard about fairytales and the pretty princesses dressed in long, swaying dresses.

The signature design of a ball gown is the extravagant skirt but there are other variations too like the streamlined gown or the one that drapes onto the body like a silhouette. Ordinary ball gowns can easily be converted into larger-than-life outfits, with additional silk lace, glittery stones, intricate embroidery and tiered ruffles.

Ball gowns are special and can be worn to wedding parties of close friends and family. They should definitely be fun to wear and allow the person wearing the dress to stand out amongst the crowd. Just do not forget to wear the glass slippers!

Gowns do not need to be solely a form of Western wear. The fusion between gowns and kameez has already taken centre stage in Dhaka’s fashion arena. Beautiful combinations are crafted by skilful designers of our country.

A gown kameez is very soothing to look at; often combined with a dupatta, the gown kameez looks regal and gives off a very sophisticated vibe. To make the appearance dreamier, anyone can tie up their hair in a classy bun and wear complementary dangling earrings studded with precious stones.

Another variation of the gown kameez is the trail cut suit. These leave a trail behind the dress similar to the authentic Greek-Roman style gowns. The basic difference is that in the trail cut kameez the embroideryis more Eastern and the base colours of the fabric are more vibrant and bright.

Cocktail dresses are another peppy choice for the young generation. In order to maintain a conservative nature, sleeves can be added to the original design. In case of off-shoulder styles, design modifications can be made by means of discussion with the designer.

Even though they are a Western concept, proms are becoming quite common in this part of the world; youngsters from international schools celebrate their graduation day with a class party worth remembering forever. Whilst the gentlemen at these parties don the classic black tuxedo, women wear all sorts of dresses including halter gowns, elegant one-shoulder dresses, dazzling sequined gowns and even the magnificently beaded mermaid dresses.

This design is perfect for a red carpet evening. Any prom dress with a sheer upper portion and a coloured base can be appliquéd with lace materials. The appliqué designs should be matching in colour with the flowing part of the gown and should be placed carefully by a designer, selectively on the sheer top revealing an excellent trendy look.

The entire silhouette gown or trail cut kameez can be made of the lace fabric. The design can be topped off with a sleeveless or a full-sleeved modern cut.

Nothing can ever go wrong with a long sequinned dress. Every celebrity usually has at least one copy of the silver or the golden sequinned dress. The entire dress is sequinned and usually made based on the silhouette or the trail cut style. Extra decorations are based on preferences.

Flowing gowns with striking jewelled laces look amazing and regal. The back of the top portion can be left sheer if you are feeling bold or can be covered up based on your preferences. The base material of the long kameez or the gown can be of chiffon or georgette to further perfect the look.

These look best in Eastern fusion gowns. They can be either conventional or in the trail cut style. A single coloured dupatta, often printed in a light shade like pale blue or baby pink, needs to be carried in the hands to make the look flawless. The entire style can be teamed off with imperial pearls and a branded clutch.

These types of gowns usually come in two parts –the inside portions are of a single colour whilst the outer layers are embroidered with lace, zardozi, sequins, beads, and so on. Churidars look best paired with the fusion-style cuts of these designs. The outer layers can be floor length or shorter based on preferences.

Whatever designs you choose, there is no end to the selection of choices. The best part about wearing gowns is that there is simply no limit to the designs. Almost anything can be made,with designs inspired by dainty heroines donning their red carpet look and mixing it up with the 17th century imperial style gowns of the ladies-in-waiting for Queen Victoria. It doesn’t matter what combinations you can think of, all you need is a good tailor, designer, boutique shop and a good imagination to make your dream gown come true.

By MehrinMubdi
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Farin
Wardrobe: HUR
Make-up Farzana Shakil