Jamuna Bridge


Jamuna is one of the three main rivers of
Bangladesh. It separated the northern part of the country from the rest of
Bangladesh. Thus there was a communication gaps which existed with all its
To bridge the gap, a decision was taken for
construction of a bridge in 1966. And this dream and decision has now become
a thing of reality .
The actual Physical Work of the bridge began on
October 16,1994. It took 889 days to complete the bridge. During this period
18 lakh laboures worked hard day and night to complete the bridge. More than
two thousand foreigners including engineers, technicians, supervisitors and
labourers worked. They were from U.S.A, U.K. , Holland, Germany , France,
Italy, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Sree Lanka.
The desired bridge whose length is 4.8 Kilometres
and whose breadth is 18.5 metres has opened a new chapter in the economy of
our national life. The bridge has paved the way for easy communication
between the two parts of the same land. The products, mainly agricultural and
other items of raw food now find easy way for marketing. The importance of this
bridge is so high that it beggers description.
The construction of Bangabandhu Bridge has ushered
is a new era in the transport and communication systems of Bangladesh. It has
paved the way for harmonious development of agriculture, industry, electricity,
forest and natural wealth in both the regions.
The Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge has added a new
dimension in the national, social and economic life of the people.