Jaflong & Tamabil


A border output on the Sylhet-Shilong (india)
road, about 54 Km east from Sylhet town, has exceptional beauty for its
location bearing a river which divided Bangladesh and India.

Tamabil is primarily used to import coal from
India, but it also attracts tourists for its most beautiful spots, the hilly
region is deeply foreasted, with clear water streams that turns into rapids
during monsoon. Big boulders and stones from the Khashi-jayantia hills fill
the valley. The valley is ringed by tea garden and orange and grapefruit
plantation. Some tribal lived there. They are Khashi , Monipuri Chakma.
Ali Amzad Historical watch
Standing over the keanbridge, if anybody peers
down will catch the sight of Ali Amzad clock. It is said that, Ali Amzad ,
the famous Zamidar of Pritrimpasa was invited to
see Delhi and thereby charmed by the clock made with the instigation of the
princess of Delhi. He also craved to build the same and eventually made it
with the similar design & pattern. It’s now called Ali Amzad watch garh
located at chadnighat, sylhet.