Jacqueline Mithila Bangladeshi Model Actress Photos Hight Weight Biography


Jacqueline Mithila Bangladeshi Model Actress Photos Hight Weight Biography


Jacqueline Mithila Bangladeshi Model Actress Photos Hight Weight Biography:   Bangladeshi bold model  Jacqueline Mithila already made huge controversial countrywide. She has been posting one after one hot and sexy photo in her Facebook profile. Now a day her fans are rapidly increasing. She shoot picture without any wear basically her topless picture made her more popular. She is confident about her modeling.  Jacqueline Mithila said she can do anything for her modeling career. She is following the way of Bangladeshi hot and sexy model Naila Nayem and trino. Many of her follower think that within very short time  Bangladeshi model Jacqueline Mithila will post her completely nude picture because, she already posted her picture topless and wearing only BIKINI. Many of her audiences think Bangladeshi model Jacqueline Mithila will be  the Sunny Leon of Bangladesh.


Bangladeshi hot model actress Jacqueline Mithila trying heart and soul to establish herself in Bangladeshi media. She took the opportunities of social networking. A Facebook profile can make a star, it is the another example of that. Many crazy fans wait daily for a new picture, Jaqueline Mithila does not dishearten her fans, she continue post one after one nude and adult picture for them. She posed for various magazine and she got praise by critics


Bangladeshi Model Jacqueline Mithila in a Hot Song (Music Video):



Bangladeshi Model Jacqueline Mithila recently performed in the music video as a bar girl who wear small dress and make entertainment with co-artist Mamun. The song written by Fazbir Taj Tonmoy and composed and sung by Moshiur Bappy, title of the song is Ai Jodi Hoy Valobasha.

Bangladeshi Model Jacqueline Mithila Biography:

Full Name: Jacqueline Mithila
Home City: Chittagong
Occupation: Modeling, Acting
Nationality: Bangladeshi



Jacqueline Mithila Bangladeshi Model Actress Photos


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