Hasen Raja


Hason Raja literally Hason the King, was a
mystical poet and songwriter in Bengal , now Bangladesh . Born at the end of
the 19 th century 1854 to a traditional zamindar or landowner family near
sunamgonj, sylhet,

though his ancestral home is in Rampasha,
Biswanath, sylhet. Hason Raja indulged himself in material pursuits in his
youth. Later, he came to believe worldly pleasures are meaningless and wrote
songs that have been described as songs, touching the deepest emotions of the
human mind.
Hason Raja’s songs are in the folk tradition of
Bengal that seeks the ultimate truth beyond the material world. They include
songs such as ‘Lokey bole’, published in his book of songs , Hason Udas. In
recent times, they have been modernished and are very popular in both
Bangladesh and west Bengal . Many book has been published so far on great
mystic poet Hason Raja.
Hason Raja died in 1922, years before his
contribution to the poetry of Bengal was mentioned in lectures at Oxford
University by Nobel poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore.