Get HSC Exam Result 2016 In Mobile SMS In Bangladesh


This year HSC Exam 2016 was held on 3rd April 2016 and end of the exam 26th June, 2016. Bangladesh HSC Result 2016 will publish on July 2016. More girls than boys have taken the college-leaving HSC exams in Bangladesh this year.


How To Get Bangladesh HSC Result 2016

There is 2 ways to Get Bangladesh HSC Result 2016.

  1. Online Method
  2. SMS Method

SMS Method:

Type HSC/Alim <> First three letters of your Board name <> Roll no <>2016 and send to 16222.

For Example: SSC<Space>Chi<Space>123456<Space>2016 send to 16222


Get HSC Exam Result 2016 In Mobile SMS In Bangladesh



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 Important Data about HSC 2016:

Over 10.73 lakh (1,073,884) candidates took part in the HSC Exam and examinations held under 8 general boards & 2 two others boards Alim under Madrasa Board and HSC Vocational & DIBS under Technical Board. There is cycle with three associate stages of Secondary education is a 7 year. Bangladesh HSC Result 2016

Like junior secondary in between age group 11 to 13 students, Secondary in between age group 14 to 15 and the Higher Secondary in between age group 16 to 17. But, Higher Secondary is followed by graduate level education in general, technical, engineering, agriculture, business studies, and medical flow needing 5 to 6 years to get a Masters degree. Resulting education has three major flows: general, technical-vocational and madrasah. Every year the Education board of Bangladesh conducts the exam of HSC in the month of April.

This board conducts the examination for diverse district and states. Many educational boards are performing under the Bangladesh education board. The major hub of the Bangladesh educational board is located in Dhaka which is the capital of Bangladesh. So the Bangladesh educational board is also well-known as a Dhaka educational board. The board published the routine of HSC, Alim, SSC and a variety of other examination. The board also published the revised date sheet.



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