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Fashion in Campus

Fashion a word that is often used to theorize a society’s most talked about generation. Forgotten are the days of socialist revolutionary heat pumping through the veins of the young and the restless or the poetic drive of Rabindranath that used to define this generation. Kids nowadays are more into the whole cell phone/straight-hair poodle styles.

Even if it was pretty hard to imagine just a decade ago what this generation has turned into its fun now when we track it back to the times when cable TV waltzed into the city. And now each group has its own style in the varsity campus. Starting from of course, what brand of cell phones they use, what type of hair spikes they prefer, what brand of watch they show off and the pair of jeans they wear.

And girls going out of their ways to match their flipflops with their blouse, bag, the pouch inside their bag, earrings, cell phones, contact lens…and the infinite list goes on!

Extremities aside, the campus fashion nowadays swings both ways for men and women craving for that urban look while holding their own roots. They go for the raw trend that shops like Jatra, Deshal, or Piran subsists to set.

For women the obsession for straight hair still persists with full force. Short kurtas worn with embroidered jeans became fairly popular in the last few years. Metal bangles and clay ornaments from Shadakalo, Aarong, and other designer boutiques compliments such attire. Interestingly enough, the most popular stilettos that used to be the in thing just a few years ago has been drastically replaced by the almost flat sandal/strap on shoes similar to those of the ancient Greek mythical characters used to wear. Silver toe rings seems to go nicely with these strappy sandals while nose rings and other accessories harmonizes with the raw beauty that the girls go after.

Guys on the other hand are becoming more metro these days. Headgears are what comprises most of what they call fashion. Bandana is most common among the men in the campus that would obviously go with the “hot bike owner” look (even if the bike is missing from the picture). But in a typical day with scheduled classes back to back, guys are mostly seen to wear quarter sleeved t-shirts with a contrasting shirt on top. Body piercing nowadays took a steep turn towards metro urban looks the guys go after. Even though tattoos are considered taboo, one can still take a little peak at the most unimaginable part of the body and find one!

Incidentally, the campus trend says more than just what people wear or carry these days. The name they go by says a lot about their fashion sense as well. For instance, a few days ago I heard someone yell out “Kasper!” whose real name turned out to be Kashem uddin. Go figure!

Call them annoying, or superficial, or simply “beyadopp”, they are the new generation who brings most of the colors, diversity and sometimes a breath of fresh air with them and their diverse fashion.

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