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Emotionally Dealing With a Decreased Libido During Menopause

Women entering the menopause period usually think that their sexual lives are over. Menopause entry, however, is not synonymous with the completion of the teeth, but it is now reported that the menstrual cycle is the end and the menstrual cycle is the end. The understanding that your sexuality is over during menopause is usually related to the psychology of this period.

In fact, changes in menopause are not as bad as women perceive. This period is usually thought to be the result of aging and femininity. Menopause is a biological and natural cause. If they are conscious and positive about this period, such misconceptions of perception will not emerge. As menopause does not stop sexual function, birth control methods can be experienced more freely and comfortably without concern about using it. The woman, with menopause, hears the worries about the disappearance of her body image and the loss of her female functions. In this way, the woman who thinks that she has no sexual attractiveness can lose her interest in sexuality.

Sexual life can be expected to be adversely affected when local complaints such as fever depression, depression, vaginal dryness other than insomnia, urinary incontinence are added in menopause period. In menopausal women, besides the estrogen hormone, the level of androgen hormone is also decreasing. Androgen is a hormone that plays a very important role in women’s sexual desire. From this, androgen hormone can also be used for menopause treatments.

Psychological and social factors also play a very strong role in reducing this libido caused by hormone deficiency. The decreasing estrogen hormone also has a great responsibility in this regard. Lack of estrogen hormone leads to instability in the genital area, especially in the vagina. Dryness causes various problems. Vaginal dryness: causes the woman to feel pain during sexual intercourse. Again, due to the estrogen hormone deficiency seen in this period, the genital area becomes more open to infections. However, these problems can be overcome by treatment with oral, suppository, or locally vaginal cream, suppository-like hormone therapy.

Women need more attention and affection for menopause due to the change they are in. For men, the situation is exactly the opposite. These two overlapping periods can be reached by talking between pairs.When you have reduced your sexual desire, you feel like you are almost petrified. Acting in such situations and exercising metabolism will be the right step. Physically challenge yourself by running or walking fast. The hormones secreted in your body after the exercise will ensure that you are in peace with your body and will increase your interest in sexuality.

In order for sexual life to be possible in menopause, it is necessary for spouses to communicate, to spend time together, to talk about sexuality problems or anticipations without hesitation.

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