Earth Facts – Interesting Facts of Planet Earth


Earth Facts – Interesting Facts of Planet Earth


Do you know how high is the largest mountain in earth? Or how far is moon from us? What about the actual population of planet earth? Do you know how many peoples born in every second?

I know most of us don’t know those answers, and if someone already knew, they should’ve written down about those facts. Actually someone wrote them, and while I was writing about mother earth, those helped me a lot. But the fact is, I didn’t liked those that much. Because of their writing style or hardly used science terms may be.

So my point of view is simple. Share shocking and interesting facts which should sounds like a music. I meant to mix some art with knowledge, and that’ll be fun to learn. Lets move on.

Interesting Earth Facts:

Like our Body, the world is full of water everywhere. Around 70% earth surface is covered with water. Yeah we all know that, but how much we know about all those sea out there? Don’t get me wrong, We humans only know around 5%. Yes only 5% of all those water including various kinds of tree and sea creations are known to us.

When you heard anything from Libya, you think of a black masked guy with a gun in his hand. IS terrorists I think, but I’m gonna inform you another issue about this country. Libya is known to be one of the most hottest place on this earth. Think one minute about how much heat can earn the record of being hottest place on this planet ? 136 degrees F ! Yes 57.8 degrees C was recorded in El Azizia of Libya in 1922. Thanks God, at least I’m not gonna die there.

Where were we? Oh yes, Hottest place on earth, now lets talk about coldest place on earth. A sudden question came to my mind, what can kill you faster, heat of cold? I don’t know, but the place I’m writing about can fridge every bit of water in your body and kill you in a minute. The place is Antarctica’s Vostok station. This is the coldest place of this universe and the lowest recorded temperature was – (minus) 128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. I mean minus 89.2 degrees Celsius. You thinking about your deep fridge? That place is far more colder than that.

Was writing about Antarctica and water, so let share something more. The ice of Antarctica is containing 70% of earth’s fresh water, and 90% of it’s ice. That means worlds 70% fresh water is formed as Ice there and that kept so many like me alive. Wondering how? Because of global warming, someday those ice will turn to water and could flood the maximum earth surface.

Okay, I’m not crazy or I’m not drunk. I’m cool and blogging, and you may not trust me about this. But some Scientists believe someday earth had 2 moons, and somehow they formed into one or went away. I’m linking to an article from Telegraph here. If You’re really interested, go read those science papers. I’m happy with one, but what if we had two moons at the same time like some planets still has?

You can walk, I can walk, even our pets can walk or run. What if I tell you “earth’s rock can walk too?”. Yes, that sounds crazy again, and this is not any case of walking or running. located in Eastern California, Death Valley rocks weighing hundreds of pounds slide across the desert floor leaving trails in their wake. How do they do it? Scientists believes the actual reason is wind and ice. To taste that, scientists added some electronic device with one of them.

Now we know everything about those mysterious rocks. They are called Sailing Stone. You can read details from the Wikipedia Page.

What is the natural deepest place on earth? The answer is Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. It is in the Pacific Ocean, at the southern end of the Mariana Trench near the Mariana Islands group. And How deep is that? The Deepest part of this is around 11 km from the sea surface, so deep that only three humans have reached there yet with our modern technology.

What is the largest living thing on planet earth? An Elephant or a blue wheel? I was not asking about animals only! So now you thinking about the biggest tree on your city or in amazon? None of those are true actually, the largest living thing on this planet was mushroom fungus. Wondering how big a mushroom can grow. Only 2,200 acres.


Hope you learned something new today, and a share with friends would be amazing for me. See you next time mate.