Download Steganos Online Shield VPN Full Giveaway


Download Steganos Online Shield VPN Full Giveaway

Download Steganos Online Shield VPN Full Giveaway


Steganos Online Shield VPN is a VPN service that focuses on protecting your privacy and preventing you from being infected by malware and viruses while surfing the web. Features include 256-bit AES encryption, protecting you from being tracked by Facebook and Twitter, automatically deleting cookies, and anonymous surfing.

What Steganos Online Shield VPN offers

Your digital life will be more convenient and secure.

Protects internet connection with 256-bit AES encryption

Encrypt your entire data traffic with one click

Prevents social tracking by Facebook and Twitter

Stops the creation of your surf history profile by nosy social networks

Blocks ads

Annoying banners will be blocked

Automatically deletes cookies after surfing

Cookies are automatically erased when the browser is closed

Displays devices in your network that could pose a threat

A radar identifies other devices in your network

Simple operation via presets

Whatever you want to do online, the software adjusts to you

Now includes the functionality of Steganos Internet Anonym VPN

Make your browser more anonymous and surf undetected



Steganos Online Shield is an internet anonymity and privacy software that features a number of tools aimed to make your internet usage anonymous. This software claims to provide protection from hackers, block targeted advertising and ensure that your IP address is obscured. It uses the AES-256 bit process in encrypting data transmissions, meaning that is capable of protecting you even using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.

The software allows users to mask their location by using one of the provided servers in different countries. They can access content that has been blocked in their country and surf the internet in disguise, which helps obscure surfer profiling.

User interface

Steganos Online Shield has one of the best UIs you can find in a VPN. It is easy to install and set up –novices won’t need any help to get it running. The main interface is blue and features the services it can provide. There are toggle buttons to enable or disable a particular feature.


I was surprised that the software had again to download additional components for the VPN to work. Activating the VPN took quite some before it eventually started working. I realized that it automatically redirected my IP to Germany, so I had to click the small earth button to select my preferred country. Even after selecting UK, I couldn’t connect to BBC iPlayer. However, other sites seem to work quite exceptionally.

Just like every other VPN, you have to trade speed for anonymity. My internet connection speed reduced from 15 to about 10Mbps. Although, I could stream live broadcasts and YouTube HD videos properly. If you have lower bandwidth, expect it to be sluggish.

Additional services

The blocking ads feature worked properly even in video streaming sites. The anonymize browser type and erase cookies function also works properly.


Anonymize location

The software actually hides your real location and doesn’t drop the connection.

Blocks ads

With Steganos Online Shield, you can easily block those annoying ads on videos and websites.

Surf without a trace

The software can delete cookies, making you surf anonymously. You can also hide your browser type and avoid targeted ads.


Few countries

It only has 9 countries to choose from, which is a major limitation.

Has to download additional components

You have to download additional components before the VPN works.

Connecting takes quite a lot of time

Very slow to connect to the VPN or change a country.


Steganos Online Shield performs decently and covers up to 5 separate devices. It is not the best VPN software out there, and should be viewed as an additional level of security other than a comprehensive anonymity software.



Steganos Online Shield VPN Giveaway