Download FlipCreator Professional Full Version Giveaway


Download FlipCreator Professional Full Version Giveaway


Download FlipCreator Professional Full Version Giveaway


FlipCreator turns your PDF, SWF, JPEG or other image files to interactive flipbooks with page-flip effect that can be viewed on iPhone/iPad, Android, PC and Mac.. It allows you to insert video, audio, picture, hyperlink, button and photo gallery on page. All the publications created by FlipCreator can be viewed on everywhere including PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android and many other devices. Moreover FlipCreator also generates .epub and .mobi for e-readers like Kindle, Kobo, iBook, Nook, Sony, BeBook, PocketBook and more.

With our easy to use interface, you can make a digital publication in a few mouse clicks! Even a new user, you can use FlipCreator within a couple of minutes without any special learning. FlipCreator also supports right click operation, this feature allows you to create a digital publication with only TWO clicks. Links can be inserted into any pages. It can be placed in any position with any size, of cause, you can also adjust it’s position and size with drag-drop operations. You can specify a audio for background. When reader opens the digital publication, the audio will be played automatically. You can also specify audio for each page. When reader turns to the involved page, the audio will be played.

FlipCreator supports analyzing and importing table of contents from PDF files. After that, you can edit the imported table of contents. If you want to create it by yourself, instead of importing from PDF, or your PDF does not contain a table of contents, FlipCreator can help you to create table of contents for your digital publication.


On several occasions, the idea of turning my PDF files into EPUB files with nice page flips has been on my mind. When came across FlipCreator Professional, I noted it could help me do so and even more. That it, the program would let you have control on how you want the file publication. It has options to allow you to add hyperlinks to the PDF pages as well as audio files, pictures and videos. The options seemed handy, so I tried out the software and here is my experience.

You will face no technical challenges in installing and running the software. The interface is straight up easy to use so even novice users will enjoy its small learning curve. Based on your preference, you can decide to Get Started with the option at middle of the main window or just use the New or Open options at the top bar. As such, you can take advantage of FlipCreator Professional to create publications for different publications.


Supports a Variety of Files
One of the ways of creating a publication is by using existing files. In doing so, you can choose files like PDFs as well as different image files in various file formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF, and PNG. As such, the program gives you the freedom to work pretty much with a good variety.

Easy to Use
Just as mentioned, FlipCreator Professional has a small learning curve. This contributes to the fact that it only takes few clicks to add a PDF or image file and be good to go with the publication creation process. For instance, after adding a PDF that contains several pages, you get the chance to add Audio files, Links, Videos, and Pictures to the PDF pages in few clicks.

Helpful Preview Feature
As you continue editing your publication using FlipCreator Professional, you can view the changes with the Preview option the program provides. While previewing, you will see all the features your publication will have. Examples may include an added button that triggers an included audio to play or a hyperlink on any of the pages.


No Option to Add One Audio for All Pages
FlipCreator Professional provides an easy way to add audio files to your PDF files. However, the option is only limited to individual pages. As such, you will have to add the audio file on each page for it to play each time you flip a page.

Slow in Operations
While using this software, I quickly noted its slow speed in adding files as well as creating publications. That was the case even if the PDF you are adding is of a small size. In turn, you might have to wait for long if you are adding a large PDF file.

FlipCreator Professional will provide you a rather easy way of creating publications in different formats. However, it seems to lack the flexibility that would otherwise make it a go to program when you want to create a publication. Its slow processes may also throw you off. It is an average software.



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