Download Bolide Movie Creator [for PC] Full Version Giveaway


Download Bolide Movie Creator [for PC] Full Version Giveaway

Download Bolide Movie Creator [for PC] Full Version Giveaway


Bolide Movie Creator – simple, but powerful HD video editor

Do you have some home video? Of course, you do! Have you ever thought to make a nice movie from those dozens of clips? Bolide Movie Creator can help you with this task. We tried to make the video editing process as easy as possible, so no special knowledge is required in order to make the nice home video!

Just drag your media files and drop them to the timeline and you are able to save them as a single movie! Add the text commentaries, background music and some effects and you are ready to get the video file in up to UltraHD resolution. Feel yourself as a Hollywood director, trim, join, split your video clips and make the one brilliant movie.

Our video editor accepts almost any video/audio/image format as a source and can save the final movie as MKV, AVI, WMV, MP4 video file. We also added the ability to save video as animated GIF file recently.


To start with, the program is easy to use. You can new multimedia files by using either the Add photo/video to library option or dragging and dropping it on the left sidebar space. Getting with the program will take you a few minutes as the options are clearly indicated, which include Transitions, Effects, and Audio Library.


Supports a Wide Range of Video/Audio/Image Files
One of the impressive features of Bolide Movie Creator is its extensive support for a wide range of multimedia files. Such support presents the flexibility to work with any file as the source for your final video without having to seek the help of third party programs for converting your files.

Save Final Video in Common File Types
Despite the existence of robust multimedia players that can handle almost any file type, you will still want the flexibility to save your videos in your preferred file type. In this case, this editing tool allows saving in common file types like MP4, MKV, AVI, and WMV. If you are interested in sharing your complete work via social media or messaging apps, you can also take advantage of the GIF file type.

Saving High Quality Videos
After taking your time to compile your videos into one, you want the final video to be impressive. Thankfully, Bolide Movie Creator provides the option to ensure you save your files in high definition. At the same time, you can customize the quality and size of the output file.


Crashes When Using Other File Types
This is hands down the biggest downside to Bolide Movie Creator. I had a couple of MKV files that I wanted to merge with MP4 files, however, on dragging the MKV files onto the Clip area, the program repeatedly terminated without warming. The issue was very inconveniencing especially when you are already halfway with your editing. Adding 3GP files to the Clip editing area will also crash the program.

Bolide Movie Creator gives individuals an easy way to create video compilations of multiple files. You do not need any editing background to hit the ground running using this creator. Although, the tool supports a wide range of multimedia files as the source, you will definitely detest its guaranteed crashing when using other files apart from MP4 like MKV and 3GP. That downside may end up limiting you when editing.



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