Dhaka Attack (2017): Arefin Shuvo Mahiya Mahi Bangla Movie


Dhaka Attack is the first Bangladeshi movie sponsored by Bangladesh Police. The movie is directed by Dipankar Sengupta Dipon who is an educated and technically sound filmmaker of Bangladesh. In this film, he is going to implement his outstanding vision with few other competent team members.Arefin Shuvo and Mahiya Mahi appear in the leading roles in this movie.


In the police action thriller Dhaka Attack, an anonymous criminal gang plot a series attack in Dhaka City & 03 young police officers work on this. People will enjoy an unpredictable action thriller story in a
People will enjoy an unpredictable action thriller story in a Bengali movie for the first ever. After committing so many destructive and heinous crime, people of Bangladesh feel insecure and phobic. During this time Police try their best in a wonderful & a professional way to pull out the root of the fear and destruction.


Movie Name: Dhaka Attack
Release Date: 6th October 2017
Cast: Arifin Shuvoo, Mahiya Mahi, ABM Sumon, Nawshaba, Shipan Mitra, Shatabdi Wadud, Afzal Hossain, Alamgir & Many More.
Direction: Dipankar Dipon
Story & Overall Supervision: Sunny Sanwar
Screenplay: Abhimanyu Mukherjee, Dipankar Sengupta Dipon & Sunny Sanwar
Production: Splash Multimedia, Three Wheelers Ltd. & Dhaka Police Paribar Kallayan Samity Ltd.
Dialogue: Hasnat Bin Motin, Asad Zaman & Shahjahan Sourav
Music Composition: Arindam Chatterjee, Adit, DJ Rahat
Cinematography: Gopi Bhagat, Arichit Patel, Shouvik Bosu, Khayer Khandakar & Naim Fuad
Action: Rajesh Kannan, Edward Gomez & Bhatija Chunnu
Choreography: Tanjil & Sumon
VFX: Indranil, Balakrishna S Nadar & Faysal Ahmed
Art Direction: Anand Adhya & Asif Ur Rahman Chowdhury
Associate Direction: Rajdeep Ghosh
Editing & Promotional: Md Kalam
Logo Design: Jafrin Sadia
Poster Design: Sajjadul Islam Sayeem
Creative Direction: Khaledur Rahman Jewel
Line Producer: Sharathi Guha
Production Advisor: Zahid Hasan Abhi
Managing Partner: Qauser Ahmed
Executive Producer: Mohammad Ali Hayder



Tup Tap Gub Chup Chap
Tup Tap Khub Chup Chap
Ami jani eka nodi obhimaani
Tar chokh sabdhane thaki jodi
Kotha noy nai hokh

Pari na… Chari na
Pari na… Pari na
E boba thote thaak
Ghum ghum morshum
Ghum Shum ei morshum
Ami joriye thaki chata
Gaye lege daak naam
Baaje choriye feli jaa-taa
Muthor bagan..
Pari na… Chari na
Pari na… Pari na
E boba thote thaak
Ei khuchro jomano
Amader fele asha bhul
Ojana khoto koshtora joto
Hoi obujh angule angul
Hmm… Ami joriye thaki chata
Gaaye lege daak nam
Baaje choriye feli jaa-taa
Muthor bagan…
Pari na… Chari na
Pari na… Pari na
E boba thote thaak



























































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