Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer Question Solution 2018

Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer Question Solution 2018

Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer Question Solution is available below. 3 Combined  Bank Senior Officer Question, Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer Full Question Solution,  3 Combined Bank Question Solution, Combined Bank Senior Officer Full Question Solution, Combined 3 Bank Question, Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer Question Solution, Combined bank Senior officer Question Solution, Combined 3 Bank Question Solution are search option . BSCS has taken exam on 01 categorizes post. It’s a lucrative job and it’s great chance to get job for job seeker. This job is perfect to build up a significant career. Those, who want to work,they should be taken out of this opportunity. BSCS is  renowned Government organization in Bangladesh

Combined 3 Bank Senior Officer Question Solution:

Exam Type: MCQ

Post Name: Senior Officer (General)

Vacancy: 367

Exam Date: 3 August 2018

Exam Time: 10.30 AM To 11.30 AM

MCQ Candidates:  1,61,086 (More or less)

Exam Taker: Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST)




Select the word or phrase  that best completes the sentence.

1. The desktop computer has revolutionized offices procedures more than any machine of modern times.- Any other Machine

2. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much an achievement as to finish a 400-page novel- Finishing

3. My mother takes  the responsibility for running the household.  –Managing

4. People of diverse background now go to different place for pleasure, education or business.- Distinctive

5. Organizing some extra-curricula activities has occupied a lot of time recently- Taken in

Correct Spelling:

6. Precinct

7. Facsimile

8. Acquaintance

9. Transient

10. Colossal

Fill in the Blank Questions:

11. Voting took place peacefully…….. most of the country.- Across

12. His name rings a ________ but I am unable to remember him. – bell

13. She usually ——the baby down for sleep at this time. –lays

14. I promise to _________ you in all circumstances.-Stand by

15. I……caught the bus If I had hurried. –Could have


16. Harm: Damage: Injure: Incapacitate

17. Hack: carve: Gouge: Engrave

18. Articulate: unclear: Elaborate: Sketchy

19. Vindictive:Mercy: Skeptical: Credulity

20. Quarry: Marble: Mine: coal


২১. যে যে পদে সমাস হয়- সমস্যমান পদ

২২. সঠিক বানান- কোনটিও নয় ( সঠিক ভদ্রোচিত)

২৩. সংশয় এর বিপরীত শব্দ-প্রত্যয়

২৪. কাক নিদ্রা অর্থ- অগভীর নিদ্রা

২৫. সমার্থক শব্দযোগে গঠিত দুরুক্তি- ধন-দৌলত

২৬. সৌম্য এর বিপরীত শব্দ- কোনটিও নয়

২৭. এপিটাফ অর্থ-সমাধি-লিপি

২৮. সমার্থক শব্দযোগে গঠিত দুরুক্তি-টাকা-পয়সা

২৯. সঠিক সন্ধি বিচ্ছেদ- বৃহড্‌ঢক্কা = বৃহৎ + ঢক্কা

৩০. স্বর সংগতির উদাহরণ- দেশী>দিশী

৩১. নিত্য সমাসের উদাহরণ- গ্রামান্তর

৩২. পরস্পর কাছাকাছি ধ্বনি বা বর্ণের মিলনেকে- সন্ধি বলে

৩৩. জ্যান্ত এর প্রকৃতি ও প্রত্যয়- ✓ জী+ অন্ত

৩৪. খনার বচন কিসের সাথে সম্পৃকিত- কৃষি

৩৫. নিচের কোন বাগধারা ভিন্নার্থক- রুই-কাতলা


36. In June a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of its games played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team raised its average to 50% How many games must the team have won in a row to attain this average?- d) 24

37. A rectangular fish tank 25m by 9m has water in it to a level of 2m. This water is carefully poured into a cylindrical container with a diameter of 10m. How high will the water reach in the cylindrical container?-b) 18/π

38. In a club 50% of the male voters and 80% of the female voters voted for candidate A. If candida A received 70% of the total votes, what is the ratio of male to female voters?-d) 1/2

39. An iron rod that weighs 24 kg is cut into two pieces so that one of these pieces weighs 16 kg and is 34 m long. If the weight of each piece is proportional to its length, how long is the other piece?-b) 17 m

40. The price of a pen is 25% more than the price of a book. The price of a pen holder is 50% more than the price of the book. How much is the price of the pen holder more than the price of the pen?-c) 20%

41. A 10% monthly salary increase resulted in a Tk.9000 per year increase in salary for an employee. What was his monthly salary before the increase?-a) Tk.7500

42. A garden of 100 m length and 60m width has a walkway of 2 m width on every side. What is the area of the garden, in square meter, excluding the walkway? –c) 5376

43. Three angles of a triangle are in proportion 5:6:7. Then what is the difference in degrees between the biggest and the smallest angles? – b) 20°

44. Increasing the original price of an item by 10%, then decreasing by 20% and then again increasing the price by 10% is equivalent:-b) 3.2% decrease

45. The sum of principal and simple interest of a certain amount of money would be Tk.460 after 3 years from now and Tk. 500 after 5 years from now. What is the total interest rate?-a) 5%

46. The ratio between the perimeter and the breadth of a rectangular is 5:1. If the area of the rectangle is 216 cm2, what is the length of the rectangle?-b) 18 cm

47. An article when sold at a gain of 5% yields Tk. 15 more than when sold at a loss of 5%. Its cost price would be-b) Tk.150

48. If for integer x, 5<x<10 and y=x+5, what is the greatest possible value of x+y?-d) 23

49. A water tank has two taps (Tap-1 and Tap-2). Tap-1 can fill a tank in 8 hours and Tap.2.can empty the tank in 16 hours. How long will they take to fill the tank if both taps are opened simultaneously but Tap-2 is closed after 8 hours?- b) 12 hours

50. The interest charged on a loan is p dollars per $1,000 for the first month and q dollars per $1000 for each month after the first month. How much interest will be charged during the first three months on a loan of $10,000?-a) 10p+20q

51. Triangle ABC has the following vertices: A (1,0), B (5,0) and C (3.4). Which of the following is true-? AC = CB

52.  If a>b>l, then which of the following is true?-d) a²>b²

53. When 6 gallons of gasoline are put into a car, the indicator goes from 1/4 to 5/8. What is the total capacity of the gasoline tank?- c) 16

54. A square carpet with an area of 169 cm2 must have 2 cm cut off one of its edges in order to be a perfect fit for a rectangular room. What is the area (in cm) of this rectangular room? –b) 143

55. A box contains 12 poles and 7 pieces of net. Each piece of net weighs 0.2 gm: each pole weighs 1.1gm. The box and its contents together weigh 16.25 gm. How much does the empty box weigh?-b) 1.65

56. The average of 6 numbers is 25. If 3 more numbers, with an average of 22 are added to these numbers, what will be the average of the combined 9 numbers?-b) 24

57. In a container, there are 2 green marbles and 2 red marbles. You randomly pick the marbles. What is the probability that both of them are green?-c) 1/6

58. Three boys have marbles in the ratio of 19:5:3. If the boy with the least number has 9 marbles. how many marbles does the boy with the greatest number have?-a) 57

59.  If an inspector rejects 0.08% of a product as defective, how many units of the product will he examined in order to reject 2?- d) 2500

60. A box is made in the form of a cube. If a second cubical box has inside dimensions three times those of the first box, how many times as much does the second box contain?-b) 27

GK Solution:

61. The main object of which of the following UN agency is to help the underdeveloped countries in the task of raising their living standards?– IDA

62. Fathometer is used to measure-Ocean depth

63. India has largest deposits of ____ in the world.- Mica

64. In cricket, a run taken when the ball passes the batsman without touching his bat or body is called- Bye

65. Of the various non-conventional energy sources that are being tapped, which has the largest potential?- Solar power

66. The chief constituent of gobar gas is- Methane

67. The headquarter of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are situated at-Vienna

68. Profits of a firm that are distributed or given out to its investors are called- Dividends

69. Money Market is a market for- Short term fund

70. The longest mountain range in the world- The Andes


71. A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is -Scanner

72. Graphical pictures that represent an object like file, folder etc are- Icons

73. Computer Virus is-Software

74. Which of the following is a word processing software- All of these

75. By default your document print is….Mode –Portrait

76. Which of these toolbars allows changing of Fonts and their sizes- Formatting

77. All of the following are examples of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT-Spam

78. the basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data-Cell

79. You can detect spelling and grammar errors by –F7

80. Verification of logging name and password is known as – Authentication



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