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Category: Lifestyle News

Getting a Grip on Condoms

Gone are the days when the only birth control known to society is abstinence. With the advancement in science and technology, many studies and researches have been devoted for a more convenient way of preventing pregnancy and the possible spread of infections and diseases. One of the most popular one being condoms. There are many […]

Born With The Moon In Scorpio

According to Astrology, the exact location of the moon during the time of your birth determines your emotional reaction to the world around you. While the astrological sun colors your outwardly aggressive actions, the moon dictates your inner, passive or receptive urges. The moon is your “female energy” – she represents the type of nurturing […]

The Psychology of Hatred

On why hatred is necessary in this world and helps refine our basic aggression Hate or hatred like love is one of the most personal emotions in that the expressions could be widely varied and even too subtle to decipher. Hatred is truly the opposite of love because the manifestation of hatred is almost like […]

5 Clues To My Cheating Wife

If your expectations are aroused and you are wondering – how do I catch my cheating wife – as hard as it might be, you need to buckle down and look out for signs of cheating, followed by getting actual proof before you start branding accusing, or Initiate heated confrontations. It is quite common to […] © 2017