BD Navy Officer DEO 2017 Batch Job Circular



Are you ready to serve your beloved country by joining Bangladesh Navy. One of the most prestigious and distinguished sector to be part of. The experience there is paramount and beyond imagination, limitless adventure and quest in every part of the job. Above all it is a pristine chance to serve our country with highest honor and dignity. Bangladesh Navy has post their circular for BD Navy Officer DEO 2017 Batch Job Circular.

Steps of selection:

  • Primary Health Checkup & Primary Interview: At BN College, Mirpur 14 (Nabik Colony), Dhaka on 10th & 13th October 2016.
  • Written Exam: on 14th October 2016.
  • Exam and Interview by ISSB: N/A.
  • Final Health Checkup.
  • Final Selection Process.
  • Join Bangladesh Naval Academy.

For eligibility criteria download and see the circular.

How to Apply: Please see the Circular for the details.

* Application Deadline: 25 September 2016.

                                   For more information: Bangladesh NAVY

BD Navy Officer DEO 2017 Batch Job Circular


Download the Circular Here

The mission of the Bangladesh Navy is to defend our country from threats emanating on, above and under the sea and in the internal waters of the country, promote and protect our maritime interests, ensure maritime governance and contribute to diplomatic objectives of our nation.

Bangladesh Navy (BN) came into being during the liberation War of the country in 1971, in which it suffered a number of fatalities. The navy carried out around 45 operations during the war, including traditional naval operations as well as unconventional commando operations including guerrilla warfare. At the first leg of war, defected Bengali sailors joined the guerrilla forces. It was the eight sailors who defected Pakistan Navy sub-marine PNS Mangro, under construction in France, pioneered the formation of naval element of Liberation War.

Later many other naval personnel participated. So far the information could be known, there are 334 naval participants; out of which 22 died. In order to avoid misunderstanding and to get necessary assistance naval planners used to coordinate in the planning phase with other sector commanders to carry out operation in their respective sectors. During the Liberation War East Pakistan was divided into 11 sectors. Each sector had a Commander and demarcated area of responsibility except sector 10. It is said that the area of responsibility of sector 10 was the coastal belt but in reality its operation was spread all over the country. Find out more on Bangladesh Navy Website.