Amazing Any Data Encryption (100% Discount) Giveaway


Amazing Any Data Encryption (100% Discount) Giveaway


Amazing Any Data Encryption is world’s professional any data/file encryption software which can quickly and safely hide not only the files/folders on local partitions or removable devices like SD card, external hard drive but also USB drives or the files/folders on storage devices.

  • The best software to protect your private data.
  • Hide private partitions, files, photos, videos, documents and other personal data from your PC.
  • Protect your privacy with passwords.
  • Second password makes your hidden files & folders double secure.
  • Support removable storage devices like USB flash drive, SD card, external hard drive.
  • Safe and reliable file encryption software.

What Amazing Any Data Encryption does?

Amazing Any Data Encryption is designed to password-protect your folders and files from being seen, read or modified by the priers. It provides enhanced security for files and folders on your Windows PC, blocking the unauthorized access of your private files or folders. It is an ideal utility for those who are concerned about the security of their personal data.

Protects Your Private Data With Password

Amazing Any Data Encryption offers users high level of security. Users can set a password for each of the files and folders or folder in folder.



Data security is a major concern to most people, me included. After trying several data encryption applications, I have decided to stick to Amazing Any Data Encryption. Here is my take on this software.

The software has two functions with additional options under them. The functions are to encrypt data and disguise folders. Performing either of the two operations is straightforward and fast.


Comprehensive Disguise Folder Feature
One of the features of Amazing Any Data Encryption that stood out for me was the Disguise Folder option. The feature requires you to choose a folder, put and confirm your preferred password, then choose one of the four disguise methods. From the four methods, the Disguise As Recycle and Disguise As Network Neighborhood are really impressive since they alter the disguised folder’s icon to match their names.

Detailed History of All Operations Performed
The software provides a list of the operations you have undertaken with details like operation type and operation time. Further, the application made my history list more meaningful in terms of organization and sorting by having the encrypt and disguise records options. Choosing between the two sorts the history details accordingly.

Super-Fast Encryption and Disguise Operations
When encrypting a file or folder, you can also choose to mark it as hidden or leave it unhidden. Four disguise methods also exist under the disguise feature for your preferences. Regardless of the option I chose to perform, Amazing Any Data Encryption’s operation speeds were impressive. I noted that all the operations took milliseconds even when encrypting or disguising a folder with huge content or an entire partition.

Supports External Drives and Encrypts All File Types
When it comes to encrypting files and folders, Amazing Any Data Encryption is hands down a good pick. The application supports a wide range of drives and storage devices from the local drives to external drives and USB sticks. At the same time, I was able to encrypt video, audio, photo, and document file types without any glitch.


Less Developed Disguise Feature
The disguise feature would have been more efficient if it could also disguise an individual file instead of moving it into a folder to disguise it. I had to create another folder for an encrypted and unhidden folder for me to disguise it. An option to disguise files would have saved me from all those extra folder creation operations.

Accepts Short and Less Secure Passwords
The privacy and security of important and personal files cannot be taken for granted. However, that might not be the case with Amazing Any Data Encryption if you do not voluntarily use strong and secure passwords. The application accepts weak encryption passwords like single letters and numerals. Such simple and short passwords can be cracked using applications like Aircrack-ng and RainbowCrack.

For people who would like to add an extra level of security to their files and folders, Amazing Any Data Encryption will be a great addition to their list of installed applications. All the operations are bug-free. It will be great if the next update of the software has an export option for the operations history.


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