Ad-Aware Web Companion Pro (100% Discount) Giveaway


Ad-Aware Web Companion Pro (100% Discount)

Ad-Aware Web Companion Pro (100% Discount) Giveaway


Anti-Phishing Protection

block websites trying to steal your personal information by impersonating sites you know and trust. WebCompanion keeps your passwords, credit card and all other personal information safe from hackers.

Real-Time Web Protection

block the latest viruses before most antivirus companies’ labs have had a chance to detect, analyze and publish a fix – making Ad-Aware Web Companion a precious complement of your overall security.

Multi Browser Compatible

Ad-Aware Web Companion’s technology behaves like a gate (proxy); making us compatible with all browsers right out of the gate. Rest assured that no personal information is ever tracked nor is your browsing history ever logged.

Fastest & Lightest Web Protection

  • Minimal impact on your computer perfomance
  • Only works where necessary. It’s so light you won’t even notice it.
  • Enjoy your productivy increase knowing your data is safe & secure

A little app that makes the web alot better

With Ad-Aware Web Companion, staying protected doesn’t come at the expense of your system’s performance. We’ve engineered a program that uses so little of your PC’s power that you will never notice it’s there. Freeing your computer’s performance and memory to do the things you want to do!

For a better, safer and lighter web experience.

Less ads, faster browsing, no annoying behaviours. Ad-Aware Web Companion is super simple to use and integrates quick and easy into your browser. It gives you the confidence that the steps you take online are safe.


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