38th BPSC BCS Written Exam Date, Seat Plan Result


38th BPSC BCS Written Exam Date, Seat Plan Result

38th BPSC BCS Written Exam Date, Seat Plan Result.There are plans to take the 38th BCS Preliminary Examination in November. There is a plan to publish results of the 36th and the 37th BCS in the last week of September, but this is not due to the limitations. Basically, due to lack of financial independence of the PSC, it seems to be somewhat annoying that the concerned authorities of the constitutional organization

38th BPSC BCS Written Exam Date, Seat Plan Result Published


৩৮তম বিসিএস এর লিখিত পরীক্ষার (বিষয়ভিত্তিক) সময়সূচীঃ
☞☞ পরীক্ষার তারিখ: ০৮.১০.২০১৮ থেকে ২৪.১০.২০১৮ ইং।
☞☞ পরীক্ষার সময়: সকাল ১০.০০ হতে দুপুর ০২.০০ টা পর্যন্ত।
☞☞ বিস্তারিতঃ



38th BPSC BCS MCQ Exam Admitcard


38th BCS MCQ Exam Date, Seat Plan & Result 2017.PSC sources said that PSC has to work through various disasters so that financial independence is not available for other statutory organizations. Hundred Disasters Sometimes the Commission publishes results of the final 36th BCS final results and 37th BCS results. 36th BCS result results reveal the publication of the 37th BCS results, the PSC chairman said. Mohammad Sadiq told Ittefaq that together we are currently working with three BCS exams. As soon as possible the result of the results of the test is expected, 36 October and 37th BCS results will be published in near time.




The 36th BCS final and 37th BCS written examination results have been published in the 38th BCS preliminary examination. However, the 38th BCS record is delayed due to the application of the number of candidates to apply. In particular, a large number of tasks including printing of large test examinations, printing of question papers and answer papers, For this, this test is a bit late. But by November, the preliminary examination of the 38th BCS will be held. PSC has received 3 lakh 89 thousand 468 candidates for this BCS. The application began from July 10 and ended on last 10 August.


38th BCS MCQ Exam Date, Seat Plan & Result 2017.On June 20, the recommendation of appointment of 2,244 posts of 24 cadres has been recommended by the 38th BCS circular issued by the PSC. It will be recommended to appoint the BCS administration cadre 300, general 100 cadre of police 100, technical and professional cadre of 549 and 955 posts of education cadres. This BCS test has been brought down to 50 number from Bangladesh’s 200th edition. The history of Liberation War has been added to the number 50. The question will be formulated in English as well as in English along with seven sections as well as the new division will be taken in Mymensingh. Each of the examinations of this BCS written examination will be evaluated by the two examiners. If their number is 20 percent higher then the third tester will be sent to the account. As a result, the PSC looks to be properly evaluated by the students.


36th BCS results declared earlier:

The final results of the 36th BCS will be published in the final examinations for the 36th BCS examination by the cadre distribution software (cadres). The PSC will publish the final results for the PSC. Although the cadence manual as well as manual results are also ready. This method is being introduced from the experimental 36th BCS, the Commission has successfully achieved commissioning using ‘search engine’ software in publishing results of non-cadre exams before the Commission. In the continuity cadre exams, the ‘Cadence’


37th BCS result before 38th:

38th BCS MCQ Exam Date, Seat Plan & Result 2017.Before the commencement of Preliminary Examination of 38th BCS, the publication of the 37th BCS written examination was published. Written from 12th February, the 37th BCS written examination was held. In Dhaka, eight in Dhaka and 8 divisional cities in six divisional cities were part of 8,522 examinees.
Sources- Ittefaq


38th BCS online application from 10 July 017 to 10 August 2017. Instructions for submission of 38th BCS application have been published in the 38th BCS Circular 2017. BPSC will be appointed for the recruitment of 2,024 posts under different cadres. According to the demands of various ministries and divisions, the number of 2,042 different cadre posts last year. Online application and submission will begin on July 10, 2017 and concludes on 10 August 2017.


Click here to see the updated 38th BCS notice on 20th June, 2017:

The Public Service Commission (PSC) will appoint 2,024 posts of different cadres. Detailed instructions for the 38th BCS Preliminary Test Test 2017 are published on the website of the newspaper and the Commission (www.bpsc.gov.bd) and at specific times.

Download the 38th BCS primary examination seat plan, timetable and instructions:

38th BCS Circular 2017:
Online application and submission concludes on 10th July, 2017 and ends on 10th August, 2017. Two-hour long examinations will be held simultaneously in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barisal, Khulna, Sylhet and Rangpur centers. Eve

Click here to download the 38th BCS full circular pdf updated on 20th June 2017

Instructions for submitting the 38th BCS application:

38th BCS MCQ Exam Date, Seat Plan & Result 2017.Download the 38th BCS Preliminary Circular here. The 38th BCS Preliminary Circular has been published on 20 June 2011. A total of 2,024 posts will be recruited under various cadres, last year it was 2,042 posts. Online application and submission will begin on 10th July 2017 and end on 10th August 2017. Public Service Commission


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