35th BCS Final Selection Result 2016 Published



Bangladesh Public Service Commission a constitutional body established primarily recruit persons for various services and posts in the government. You can get more news on BCS here BCS Important News.

The main purpose of constituting such a body, designated in most countries of British heritage as ‘civil’ or ‘public’ service commission, is to ensure that all decisions relating to recruitment and other service matters are made consistent with the principles of merit and equity.

Based on the letter from BPSC on 17th August 2016 the 35th BCS Final Selection Result 2016 is published.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission has posted the result on 17th August 2016. Download the result from the below link:

Download Full Result Here


35th BCS Final Selection Result 2016




Download Full Result Here

You can download all the solved question paper starting from the 10th-15th BCS MCQ Exam upto the latest BCS MCQ Exam (35th). Please see the list below and click to download from your desired question paper.

Bangladesh Public Service Commission is quasi judicial body established in 1972. The commission is responsible for the recruitment of civil service servants in Bangladesh government. BCS has 28 cadre services. In the parliamentary democracy of Bangladesh, the ultimate responsibility for running the administration rests with the elected representatives of the people which are the ministers. Thus the ministers lay down the policy and civil servants carry out this policy. Find out more about Bangladesh Public Service Commission and Bangladesh Civil Service for the BPSC Website.